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Fairness in the workplace - A Berlitz story - 23 Jul 2014 - english - Berlitz

Disciplinary procedures and student complaints can cause a lot of stress for many teachers. Teachers are sent into a room alone to face people who are in a position of power and often feel bullied int more

Berlitz teachers demand to be paid for all work - 13 May 2014 - english - Berlitz more

Berlitz members meet to plan bargaining strategy - 11 Feb 2014 - english - Berlitz

General Union members at Berlitz will meet this Sunday, 16 February to plan their third round of collective bargaining. Current demands include a 7% pay increase, pay for lock ups, union representatio more

A new wave of union activism in GU Berlitz branch - 26 Sep 2013 - english - Berlitz

Standard - negotiate After the biggest union meeting of Berlitz union members at the end of August, the union has submitted demands to raise wages, protect part time teachers from arbitrary cuts in lessons taught, and to more

Berlitz - Report of November collective bargaining - 22 Jan 2013 - english - Berlitz

rightsatwork 1. CTL Courtesy Calls
We have been told that MIs will be asked to inform the office staff to tell teachers about CTLs when possible. We wish to see if this is happening. Please let us kn more

Bettering life at Berlitz since 1993 - 10 Jan 2013 - english - Berlitz

berlitz logo Did you know that many of the working conditions that teachers now enjoy have been negotiated between the General Union and Berlitz?

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