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What is a "break" Berlitz?

Berlitz Kansai union members have taken a stand and voted to push ahead to win payment for the 5 minute interval between lessons. Berlitz calls it a break but a break presumes that it is time off to relax. The interval between lessons at Berlitz is very much work – unpaid work.

When is a break not a break?

*When you need to answer student questions.
*When you need to be available to speak with staff members.
*When you have to write lesson notes.
*When you need to prepare for lessons.
*When you need to lock-up at the end of the night.

The General Union has submitted demands over the unpaid interval, amongst other issues, but when negotiations broke down we sought advice from the Labor Standards Office.

Labor Standards is investigating and we need to present more teachers’ cases so that a company-wide investigation can proceed.

Other demands include

*LC improvement committees
*Health and Pension (shakai hoken)
*Transportation and travel policy
*Opening-up more lessons for pay per lesson instructors

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